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November 18, 2006
Cameo:Mary J. Blige
Episode Number:32.6  (# 610)
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Cold OpeningA Message from the President 
CommercialYoung Douglas: Hypin' The Classics 
CommercialThe Bitchslap Method 
ShowThe O'Reilly Factor 
CommercialBooty Bidness Workwear 
SketchBlizzard Man 
Musical Performance"Money Maker" 
Weekend Update  
ShowPool Watch 
SketchHair Transplant 
SketchLesbian Cruise 
Musical Performance"Runaway Love" 
SketchTwo Old Men
Darrell Hammond's fake mustache becomes loose as this sketch plays out, and the audience laughs each time he delivers a line and loosens it further. At the end of the sketch, in response to one of Darrell's lines, Ludacris ad-libs "I know that your damn mustache is hangin' off, I know that!", and Darrell presses it back on.