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September 29, 2001
Host:Reese Witherspoon
Musical Guest:Alicia Keys
Cameos:Rudy Giuliani
Paul Simon
Episode Number:27.1  (# 506)  Info...
During the opening montage, Don Pardo accidentally says "Ana Gasteyer" during Tina Fey's photo. He corrects himself by saying "Ana Gasteyer with Tina Fey" during Ana's photo.
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Cold Opening9/11 Tribute 
Musical Performance"The Boxer" 
CommercialPreparation H 
ShowWake Up Wakefield! 
SketchThe Little Mermaid 
Musical Performance"Fallin'" 
Weekend Update  
SketchCommitment Medley 
Musical Performance"A Woman's Worth" 
SketchGassy Baby 
CommercialDonatella Versace For the Children