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December 9, 2000
Host:Val Kilmer
Musical Guest:U2
Cameo:Maceo Parker
Episode Number:26.7  (# 492)
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Cold OpeningPress Conference 
CommercialWade Blasingame 
ShowBehind The Music 
ShowPalm Beach 
ShowVeronica & Co. 
Musical Performance"Beautiful Day" 
Weekend Update  
SketchIceman: The Later Years 
MiscellaneousSeason's Greetings 
Musical Performance"Elevation"
Bono unexpectedly leaves the musical guest stage and performs the last few minutes of the song while randomly walking around the studio. This results in many sloppy camera angles and shots because Bono's stunt was completely unrehearsed.
SketchDoing Voices
Chris Parnell accidentally topples a tray of drinks as he's putting them on the table.
SketchRecording Session 
CommercialCorn Chip Nail Tips