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December 8, 1990
Host:Tom Hanks
Musical Guest:Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Cameos:Elliott Gould
Jon Lovitz
Steve Martin
Ralph Nader
Tony Randall
Paul Simon
Episode Number:16.8  (# 294)
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Cold OpeningEditorial Reply 
In reruns, the segment where Paul Simon orders the "Joe Piscopo" is replaced with the dress rehearsal version, in which Steve Martin gives him a disapproving look and says "Really!"
SketchGross-Out Family
When Chris Farley closes the door, a spice rack accidentally falls off the wall.
GameshowGame Beaters 
Musical Performance"Woyaho" 
Weekend Update  
ShowThe Global Warming Christmas Special 
ShowP. Whipped 
ShowSabra Shopping Network 
Musical Performance"He Said" 
SketchRepeating Guy
The latter portion of this sketch is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns, in which Victoria Jackson breaks character due to Tom Hanks' facial expressions.
MiscellaneousChristmas Message
The set used for this sketch is the same one used earlier in the show for the George Hamilton portion of "The Global Warming Christmas Special".