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October 9, 1982
Host:Ron Howard
Musical Guest:The Clash
Special Guest:Harry Anderson
Filmed Cameos:Andy Griffith
Rex Reed
Episode Number:8.3  (# 142)
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Cold OpeningFederal Bureau Of Weights & Measures 
SketchMayberry, 1982
Ron Howard accidentally calls Eddie Murphy "Otis". After Eddie corrects him, Howard ad-libs "I told you I couldn't recognize you!"
CommercialVelvet Jones Romance Novels 
Guest Performance  
Showin Quest of 
ShowFocus On Film 
Saturday Night News  
Musical Performance"Straight To Hell" 
SketchHail To The Chief 
CommercialCome On Out America 
SketchSylvester School 
Musical Performance"Should I Stay or Should I Go" 
SketchNukes Are For Kooks