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March 16, 2002
Host:Ian McKellen
Musical Guest:Kylie Minogue
Episode Number:27.15  (# 520)  Info...
This episode was submitted for Emmy consideration for the 2001-2002 season. The show won for Best Writing.
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Cold OpeningHomeland Security System 
CommercialKotex Classic
The Diamonds' song "Little Darlin'" is used as the background music for this segment, but is replaced by generic music in reruns.
ShowVersace Oscar Party
In reruns, the opening title sequence of this sketch is unexplainably replaced with the title sequence of the "DisMissed" sketch from the 03.02.2002 episode.
ShowThe Delicious Dish 
CartoonFun With Real Audio
Oscar's Greatest Moments
SketchHot Air Balloon Mystery Theater 
Musical Performance"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" 
Weekend Update  
ShowThe Ferey Mühtar Talk Show
Darrell Hammond's fake mustache comes loose and begins to fall off. Ian McKellen notices and tries to press it back on. Horatio Sanz ad-libs that it's a "fake 'stache". While the camera is on Horatio, Darrell removes it, and he's seen without it for the rest of the sketch.
CommercialThe Life and Times of Charles Dickens 
Musical Performance"In Your Eyes" 
ShowKevin and Richie's Comic Book Zone